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Second Chances

Jan 15, 2019 07:24PM
If you’re driving on an open road near Los Angeles’ Men’s Central Jail, you might see a billboard that reads, “Recently pardoned? We’re hiring!” It may seem strange to some, but for people who have been convicted of crimes and served prison time, finding a job post-release can be downright discouraging. The Lowell Herb Company saw this as an opportunity.

Lowell Herb Company founder and CEO David Elias created a job initiative specifically targeting applicants convicted of crimes. “Our absolute biggest success thus far has been connecting with candidates who felt comfortable applying openly after having been convicted,” he says. “Normally, the first checkbox on an application is whether or not you’ve been convicted of a crime. There isn’t necessarily a job board for these candidates, and that’s where the Job initiative came in.”

Lowell Herb Company is a team-oriented, collaborative, fast-paced cannabis company where employees are considered family. Elias and his team take the time to understand the skills and passion of every single team member they bring on board.

“We hope that society continues to evolve its’ perception of cannabis to embrace the endless uses of the plant fully,” Elias says. “Our goal is to enter most recreational and medicinal markets around the world, and we see great opportunity within CBD products, all while staying at the forefront of industry topics, leading in quality product and packaging standards.”


Lowell Herb Company has an impressive product line. Working with some of the best cultivators from around the state, it offers incredible strains and curated blends, unique to the growers and Appalachians they come from.

Products to look out for:
—Variety Pack of 7 individual strains
—Quicks, a 10-pack of .35g smokes

This year, thanks to the success of 2017’s holiday extras, Lowell is releasing a handful of specialty items, so make sure to check them out.