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Sproutly Canada

Jan 02, 2019 07:42PM
What Sproutly CEO Keith Dolo has to say:

“Our focus is to develop products that will distinguish our functional beverages from cannabis/hemp beverages developed by our competitors,” says Keith Dolo, CEO of Sproutly. “We can supply the beverage industry with the world’s purest natural water-soluble solution on the market today. This breakthrough is not oil-based like so many others, allowing an onset time of approximately five minutes to feel the effects and offset time of 45 to 90 minutes, depending on body chemistry. This is unique in the current CBD/THC beverage space.”

As Canada continues to lead the way in cannabis production, development, and government support, Sproutly Canada (SPROUTLY.CA) is taking accessibility and benefit even further. Founded on the principle that cannabinoid benefits are far too ground-breaking to ignore, Sproutly Canada, through its subsidiary Infusion Biosciences Canada, created a revolutionary technology that allows it to produce their own water-soluble cannabis solution. Rather than utilizing harmful chemicals like ethanol, butane, and CO2 that alter the cannabinoids in cannabis, Sproutly developed an ingestible water-soluble product offering maximum benefits to both mind and body.

CEO Keith Dolo believes people need to shift away from smoking to give their bodies the best result and response time. Sproutly’s water-soluble solution is intended to be consumed in water and beverages, offering immediate absorption and true-to-strain effects giving them an edge in the water-soluble cannabis space. Made using Sproutly’s patent-pending APP Technology, Infuz-0’s onset effects take place within five minutes and offset within 90 minutes, solving a challenging component in cannabis beverage delivery systems currently on the market. Infuz-0 is formulated using techniques that eliminate the need for emulsification or encapsulation, delivering cannabis in a clear, concise single molecular delivery system that does not compromise the integrity of the cannabis. Sproutly’s APP Technology has a THC/CBD recovery rate of 90 percent.

As soft drink sales continue to decline, cannabis and hemp infusions are on the rise. Much like vitamin-infused waters saw a steady climb, so will CBD-infused drinks. With an estimated Canadian cannabis market valued at $8.4 billion by 2024, Canada continues to spearhead the
market with unfettered momentum.