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Sensi Magazine January 2019 - Denver/Boulder Digital Edition

Dec 27, 2018 01:47PM ● By Amber Orvik


As a January birthday baby, I’ve got a special affinity for this time of year. As a magazine junkie, that feeling is made all the stronger every year as my favorite national glossies all bust out shiny new versions of the age-old messages that January is a time of renewal, with tips and expert-backed tactics to help us all live our best lives, as Oprah has taught us all to do. 

So the issue you hold in your hands is Sensi’s take on that topic. We’ve fashioned this edition around a “What’s New, What’s Next” theme—but because “what’s old is new again” is a trend on the rise in our Buffalo Exchange, Posh Mark era, we’ve got a series of articles about how to make the most of the past as well, including thrifting tips from our senior editor Leland Rucker and a look at the history of this month’s National Western Stock Show. Related, we’ve got a hilarious column about how Rocky Mountain “oysters” came to be the delicate delicacy for which Colorado is best known. 

At the center of the edition is the Special Report on Record Expungement in the light of this new age of cannabis legalization. How can people who have been charged or are still in jail for a cannabis conviction get that wiped from their history or sealed? 

It’s a compelling, complicated question and a timely topic, with news about how various states are handling the process coming out daily. 

Elsewhere, you’ll find tips for making the transition to full-time nomadic living, a lengthy look at the importance of magazines as self-help tools, and more. 

Happy New Year. If you’ve yet to make any resolutions for the coming year, may I suggest this one: To love yourself unconditionally. 



Click on the image below to read the JANUARY 2019 issue of Sensi Magazine — Denver/Boulder Edition