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Sensi Magazine January 2019 - Las Vegas Digital Edition

Dec 27, 2018 01:28PM ● By Amber Orvik


The New Year is here, and the usual refrain is that January is a time for new beginnings, starting over, and looking forward. I see 2019 offering something entirely different, however. I perceive the coming year as a continuation of innovation, advancement, and setting new precedents in all areas of life. 

I started with Sensi in January 2018, and our first Las Vegas issue printed that March. What a year it has been for both the magazine and me. Since cannabis for adult-use recreation was legalized in Nevada in 2017, after medicinal cannabis had been legal for years, I have witnessed a change in the culture as well as awareness. I sense hope in a rebounding economy as almost $1 billion was generated by sales of cannabis and related products, as reported by the Nevada Dispensary Association. The people I meet, the parties I attend, and the conversations I engage in with others demonstrate the acceptance of the new normal. Happily, one of the biggest supporters of legalized cannabis was reelected. I envision this year with more changes as new ideas are transformed into reality. 

Of course, this is Vegas, with its always expanding glittering landscape of nightlife, dining, entertainment, and fun. Entrepreneurs from around the globe are coming to Sin City to capture the attention of both locals and tourists featuring the newest and latest things to try. The uptick in the economy opens doors to those willing to take a risk, whether financially or professionally. New is exciting and refreshing after a time of fear and caution. 

What’s next is more than the opening of the next restaurant or debut of a show. The word new encompasses a feeling, attitude, and desire for original and fresh. Tradition is good, but there is always a time to create something novel. We are excited to be part of this explosive time in history and anxious to see what the coming months and years bring to our world. 

Thank you for making us a part of your journey. As we make you laugh, think, share, and explore, Sensi magazine embraces the newness of the year as we explore originality, accomplishment, and creation of a different sensibility. 

Yours in the new normal, 


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