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Will Wendell’s Never Cease?

Dec 20, 2018 03:54PM ● By Dan McCarthy
Buffalo wings are a funny thing. For some, they are a tasty snack to chase with cold beers and tubs of dipping sauces of all stripes. But for refined palates and the rotund waistlines that tend to accompany them, wings are hallowed, sacred ground.

Most of the time, the mere suggestion of a place that could unseat their chosen “best of” locale, home recipe, or hidden secret for buffalo sauce-ensconced wings are most often met with skepticism and scorn. Sometimes they just throw you out of their house.

At best, the word-of-mouth suggestion is set off with a preamble like, “Oh man, I know the best place for wings worth a specific trip to.” And yet, such endorsements run the risk of encountering ersatz wings that make people regret ever deviating from their belief systems, resulting in a sub-par wing parlor calamity.

We mention this to make sure anyone readying their loins for a lackluster suggestion of must-try wings abandons that sentiment altogether. Because the real deal, in fact, is just that. The real deal. And if you can believe it, the real deal for wings is found in Norton, Massachusetts.

For the woefully unaware, Wendell’s of Norton is a no frills, no-nonsense, townie honky-tonk of your wing-savaging dreams. Perched just beyond Foxboro and close by to the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Wendell’s exists almost to spite every other Buffalo Wild Wings trash hole and mall-chain wanker attempting to do what Wendell’s has been doing better than anyone else for years.

The inside looks like Cosmo Kramer’s living room (wood paneling!), sprinkled as it is with bar swag on the walls, glowing beer signs offsetting the permanent place Keno and New England sports occupy on the bar TV screens. At this point, locals should have a picture of this kind of place, because most towns around the Bay State have their own Wendell’s as far as local townie haunts go. But make no mistake, they are no Wendell’s in the wing department.