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Take Me Higher

Dec 06, 2018 03:18PM
Much like the telephone booth in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, this year has flown by at hyper-speed. As the holidays are around the corner, maybe you could use a little help making this year a little less daunting and a lot more adventurous. Instead of heading to the nearest red telephone-booth-time-machine to escape, get these cannabis cures for yourself and anyone in need of high-inspired merriment.

C A F F E I N E - D
Mary Jane Java
$29.95 per 4-pack or $156 per case (24 cups per case) / GETITCBD.COM

Nothing beats a cup of joe in the morning, but take that same cup and add CBD, and you’ve got yourself an easy morning on a Sunday afternoon. Or any day, really. With rich, sultry coffee beans grown and produced in the Takengon highlands of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, Mary Jane Java takes its coffee seriously but not too seriously. The java is made in a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, infused with 5mg of NanoUltra CBD from Switzerland in each cold brew, creating a caffeinated euphoria. New to California and the cannabis industry, this coffee is something of a conversation starter. Who doesn’t love coffee with a kick?

F O R  A L L  T H I N G S  K I T S C H Y

From the coolest collections of newly released books to interesting casual attire, LA’s Ron Robinson is a gift-givers’ paradise. And now Ron Robinson’s has a new board game you can bust out during the holidays. The playmate to Monopoly (the longest board game in history) Weed-opoly has you working a cannabis farm with magical stops enforcing you “take a hit” and rewarding you with baggies of weed. Brush up on your lingo, because this is one game where knowing about sativas and indicas, joint rolling, and happy highs is a huge advantage. The game includes a colorful four-fold board, two decks of cards, a custom die, and six pawns.

N O  S U C H  T H I N G  A S P A I N
Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm

We all have nagging aches, sore shoulders, and migraines, no doubt caused by countless hours surfing the web, working out, or dealing with passive-aggressive co-workers. Regardless of why your body is crying out, cannabis topicals are a near-euphoric alternative to expensive spa days or Groupon massage deals, and don’t require you to leave the house. Papa & Barkley’s 3:1 CBD/THC Releaf Balm is the kind of magic that makes your muscles want to thank you. The balance of CBD immediately delivers relief to your sore and tired muscles, and life is good again. Giving that gift will make you the holiday hero.

B R E W E R - I F F I C
Two Roots Beer
$45 per 6-pack / TWOROOTSBREWING.COM

Imagine a brewery that stands not just for kickass craft brews but also for legislative reform. San Diego’s Two Roots Brewery, brewer of the first cannabis-infused beer, is that and more.
Two Roots is non-alcoholic and micro-dosed with cannabis to help you keep all your brain cells and eliminate hangovers. It gets into the bloodstream as soon as you ingest it, and you’ll just feel happy without the unfortunate side effects. There are five brews to choose from, so even stout fans can rest easy. With Stout, New West IPA, Lager, Blonde Ale, and Wheat, there’s something for everyone. Showing up with non-alcoholic beer just became cool again.

OLO Sublingual Strips
$15-$30 / GETOLO.COM

Utilizing a combination of neuroscience and biochemistry, OLO is a cannabis delivery system that has all the makings of a cheesy bromance. You’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go, like a discreet wingman you keep in your back pocket next to the expired condoms. The strips work much like Listerine strips, if Listerine strips had components and combinations of CBD. There are four formulas: Chill, Focus, Active, and Social. They come in sealed packs of 5ml and 10ml doses. If you’re interested in sampling all four, you can buy the Quartet. OLO is vegan, gluten-free, and complies with state and federal food and drug laws and regulations. Available throughout California or delivered to your local dispensary. Problem solved.