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Deep in Diego

Dec 01, 2018 06:08PM ● By Alex Martinez
San Diaaaago, in the words of Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy may not mean a whale’s vagina, but it is a place you want to dig in deep and have some seriously epic fun. With dispensaries, cannabis tours, Mexican food, ghost tours, and the like, this list will let you throw holiday woes out the damn window and let your freak flag fly but be cool about it.

The best way to begin any adventurous tour is with liquid courage or a happy high. Why? Because stress is now classified as an actual disease, getting in the way of our happiness, and we could use something to take the edge off. Consider this your invitation to make it the most unforgettable month ever.

Light It Up. Drink It Down.
Thanks to the good folks in California, cannabis dispensaries and good-time bars have become the new “best thing since sliced bread.” Translation: They are everywhere, and they are marvelous especially in sunny San Diego. When that urge for a little happy high hits and you feel the thirst coming on, check out March and DashWest Coast Cannabis ToursKettner Exchange, and Project Bar & Grill.

March and Ash is a beautifully designed dispensary, but there’s more to it than that. This place straight up harkens happiness. Named March and Ash because March signifies the Roman new year, the dispensary makes you want to burst out singing “Kumbaya.” Ash is for what’s left from a life lived that fertilizes new growth. The staff is educated, approachable, and genuinely thrilled to answer questions to help you find your perfect strain. March and Ash carries flower, tinctures, tonics, edibles, oils, and topicals for you and your pets.

I didn’t need much convincing to check out West Coast Cannabis Tours. Tell me bud and beer are involved, and I’ll be there faster than you can say hi-dee-ho. WCCT figured out that people love their craft brews, and they’re passionate about their new leaf on life. With tours like Kegs-n-Kush; Mind, Body-n-Cannabis (cannabis yoga); Canvas-n-Cannabis nights; and the Complete Cannabis Experience, they know how to get you out of any funk and on to being blissfully blazed.

Kettner Exchange is a cool restaurant with a story. Named after San Diego founder William Kettner, it is a nod to the past with design that makes you want to sport a handlebar mustache. The food isn’t anything to scoff at, with menu items like suckling pig larb, foie gras French toast, and drinks designed by Steven Tuttle. Tuttle crafted a menu full of beer and wine, but his cocktails will make you smile silly, especially Tequila For Christmas, Celtic Highball, and Fernando’s Old-Fashioned.

Project Bar and Grill is your neighborhood go-to. Located inside a 1902 Craftsman house, this is a good-time bar that reeks of nights you’ll look back on and reminisce about over and over and over. Project Bar and Grill prides itself on being a friendly place with food, beer, and drinks to match, including an impressive menu of CBD cocktails, Jameson shots that taste like Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Nitro on tap.

Go Off Script.
Escape Rooms and Ghost Tours may not seem like holiday cheer, but you’d be surprised what a little thrill can do for you. San Diego has some dark history, and while there will be a million holiday options from ice skating to tree lighting, a sinister twist takes a little pressure off. This area is said to be among the most haunted places in America. Hop on a trolley and get spooky with the Ghosts and Gravestones trolley tour or San Diego Ghost Tours hosted by Michael (just Michael), a local ghost hunter and paranormal expert. Michael can turn even the biggest skeptics into believers, and even if you don’t see any ghosts, his knowledge of San Diego history makes the tour worthwhile. Tours run seven days a week ($25-$35 per person), and reservations are required. The Ghosts and Gravestones tour takes you back to the early days, with hosts in character, you’ll search for ghosts in Old Town, the El Campo Santo Cemetery, and the Whaley House.

Mankind Cooperative (MANKINDCANNABIS.COM)

TAQUERIAS in San Diego

Tearing Down the Wall.
Mexican food is the source of all things happy, and San Diego has some of the greatest Mexican food in the world ok, maybe not the world because, well, Mexico, but the Mexican food here is so legit you’ll start speaking Spanglish and you won’t be ashamed. Old Town has some of the most authentic Mexican restaurants. These four offer delicious food and tequila and mezcal options that are on point: Casa GuadalajaraOld Town Tequila Factory, and Old Town Mexican Café. Among the four is one of the longest-standing restaurants–Old Town Mexican Café–a culinary staple that’s been in the area for 40 years. Two dishes you can’t live without are the molcajete and the carnitas.

San Diego earns its place as a December adventure. In the words of the one and only anchorman, Ron Burgundy, I say, “Stay classy San Diego.”