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Sensi Magazine December 2018 - Southern Colorado Digital Edition

Nov 30, 2018 11:49AM ● By Amber Orvik


Welcome to the Happiness issue, Sensi’s way of doing a holiday issue without it being a cliché “Holiday Issue!” Because, really, what’s the point of a holiday issue if not to spread a little joy? Joyous moments play a big part in the complicated, subjective equation that determines one’s happiness, so we tried to fill this issue with info about how to make the most of the month. 

Really, this issue is a culmination of all the themes we’ve run throughout 2018. What is an aspirational lifestyle magazine but a roadmap to the pursuit of happiness? I encourage you, if you’re so inclined, to go back through the archives of the Colorado issues and see the progression. You’ll find all the magazines online at SENSIMAG.COM and ISSUU.COM/SENSIMEDIAGROUP

We kicked off the year talking about fiery new tech innovations, then we talked about food, celebrations, green lifestyles, arts and culture, and more. We discussed a few times how pets make our lives better, and in July, I personally talked about the pain I felt when I lost one. We dove into the positive impact of houseplants on one’s well-being, and we talked about how giving is good for you. 

On the backend of things, our editors talked often about how outdoor pursuits are such a huge part of the Colorado lifestyle. When I first moved to Denver in the summer of 2015, I found myself wandering the trails along the Front Range, trading my beach-babe lifestyle for a hiker personality and thinking I couldn’t wait to become a skier once the powder coated the trails. 

I didn’t take into account the barrier of entry between me and my slope-side dreams: it’s expensive to be a trail bunny. First, there’s the lift ticket, which can run you upwards of $130 a day. Then there’s the equipment, and the gear—gloves, hats, goggles, helmets, oh my! And then there’s even the tires my Florida-purchased car needed before I was able to even think about hitting I-70 when wintery conditions were a possibility. Which, I quickly learned, is basically whenever, because Colorado weather is weird. So this issue, you’ll find alternative, more affordable ways to get outside and take advantage of the snow-sodden undulating playground in our backyards. And you’ll find info on fresh ways to stay warm indoors and feed your need for culture. 

I’ve been a better, healthier human since I moved to Colorado from the East Coast a few years ago, seeking work/life balance amid new scenery. Seeking to surround myself with people open-minded enough to have been the first in the nation to legalize cannabis for adult use. Once I arrived and began exploring the breadth of the state’s offerings, I found myself. And I found myself happy. 

Spread Joy. 


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