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Sensi Magazine December 2018 - Boston Digital Edition

Nov 30, 2018 11:39AM ● By Amber Orvik


As far as end-of-year wrap-ups go, December 2018 is hardly short on high-water marks. First off, the embattled midterm elections in November brought major wins for cannabis in various states across the country. Which was fantastic, and a needed positive push forward towards the goal of full federal legalization. But the fight is far from over, as evidenced by the continued short sightedness of the US Senate, where over the summer the Senate Appropriations Committee sank a crucial amendment that would have opened the doors for US banks to finally start working with and supporting legal cannabis operations. 

On the homefront however, the long limping rollout of the recreational market is, as of this writing, supposedly “days away.” with the CCC gearing up to make final inspections and approvals for the first locations for the 21+ recreational market. Even when that happens, be sure to note where and how fast supplies are gobbled up, then check out social media for the perspective from vehement supporters of the #overgrowandshare school of thought. 

Overall stigma still remains, as evidenced by the shenanigans the city pulled around the Boston Freedom Rally in the fall, and the claims that all the pot was bringing chaos and madness to the common. Meanwhile, the Red Sox did the baseball goodly again, so the city threw them the requisite Duck Boat parade resulting in half a dozen arrests, public drunkenness and urination, and at least one friend of mine who lives in an apartment along the parade spillover route who posted about the giant hot shit some blacked out Sox fan left on his doorstep during the party. Booze vs cannabis people. Cannabis always the classier crowd when the chips are down. 

Lastly, East Boston-born hallowed hall of greasy pizza, Papa Gino’s, perfectly demonstrated why labor unions need to come together and protect the working classes considering the brass at the chain unexpectedly shuttered almost 100 locations, casting longtime employees into the cold with zero warning just before the holidays as they filed for bankruptcy on the heels of poor corporate profits. 

If there was a final note about how legalizing weed in the Bay State earlier could have potentially helped out a local business to survive perilous business times, I’m not sure where to find a better one. 

See you in 2019. 


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