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Sensi Magazine December 2018 - Las Vegas Digital Edition

Nov 30, 2018 11:31AM ● By Amber Orvik


Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Constitution that the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right. This does not mean finding happiness is automatic. Our right is to attain happiness, whatever that means to each of us. 

What defines happiness to me has certainly changed over the years. I admit eating cotton candy still brings me as much joy today as when I was eight years old. There are certain toys I wish I still owned, more for the resale value than sentimentality, but the memory also brings me enjoyment. A nice glass of wine conveys a sense of gratification. I feel delighted when I reconnect with friends found on social media. An anticipated romantic date produces a sense of excitement. I love my cats, and their presence creates security and peace within me. There are many roads to happiness, that indefinable state of being. 

Watching a rebroadcast of a television show recently brought to my mind the happiness living in states that have legalized cannabis brings to many of us. Undercover Boss follows CEOs as they work in disguise within their own company. The episode I watched focused on a national pizza chain and, in one segment, the CEO rode along with a delivery person. Filmed in Ohio, the delivery person spoke about getting tipped sometimes in cannabis instead of cash. The CEO was outraged and cautioned the driver that cannabis was illegal in Ohio. (Sadly, that was true when the episode first aired in 2015; medicinal cannabis finally became legal in Ohio in September.) What a feeling of joy, relief, and happiness to be living in Nevada in 2017 when adult-recreational use cannabis was approved! 

Some might search for happiness as a continual state of being, while others like me see happiness as a blend of emotions. I can be serene, joyful, or ecstatic and still be in a state of happiness. It is all about how you define it, pursue it, and hopefully attain it. 

Thank you for being part of the Sensi family and sharing happiness. Happy holidays to those who celebrate. I wish all of the best life has to offer to everyone now and in the coming year. 

Yours in the new normal


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