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The Anti-Club

Nov 29, 2018 07:20PM ● By Debbie Hall
Night after night, characters in vibrant-colored costumes mathematical geniuses, the high IQ’d, gamers flock to The Nerd, the ultimate anti-club. It is a bowling alley surrounded by video games, old-school arcade machines, billiards, a play area, and a fully stocked bar which also spills into the courtyard for professional wrestling matches. No longer a den for the disenfranchised, this haven of happiness beckons nerds—the new cool kids.

Forget the exorbitantly priced VIP tables in oversaturated clubs on the Strip. Located inside Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas, The Nerd is a hidden gem that’s fast becoming a hub for international tourists as well as locals. The Nerd is a breathing entity of Comic-Con cultivation,
but instead of devouring those who enter, it uplifts them with a sense of whimsy that is continually evolving while remaining true to all things nerdy.

What else do they have?
It’s more like, what don’t they have?

A BOWLING ALLEY. The bowling alley was actually an afterthought, a leftover remnant from the previous tenants, but The Nerd decided to keep it and, as long as drinks are purchased, bowling is free!

FREE BAR TABLETOP VIDEO GAMES. How cool is that? Let’s face it, if you are going to a bar to drink, The Nerd offers the best amenity, and that is free games. If you love old school Jenga and board games, pull the block, move the piece, and vanquish your opponent.

MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT. What is a nerd bar without music and shows? From heavy metal to a drunken magic show, entertainment here defies what you’ll find on the Strip. Performing later this year Nerd core rapper, emcee Chris, explodes—bringing his radical sound to Vegas.

DISPELLING A MYTH. The common misconception is that gamers, comic book fans, and popular culture devotees don’t interact. Blockbuster films and televisions shows feature comic book characters making the anti-culture seamless with mainstream tastes. You can key in on the distinct feel while being accepted and valued when you’re here. You are the cool kid now.

NERDGASM. Memorabilia dominates inside the premier brick-and-mortar store with authentic finds including autographs, posters, and other treasures. The original Red and Black Power Rangers celebrated a birthday here, delighting aficionados with an appearance. Attention, collectors—you have reached nirvana.

The owners, management, and staff all self-declared and proud nerds immerse themselves in fandom, cosplay, video games, comics, and genre films. You might find counter-culture heroes and celebrities like Misha Tate throwing back a few at the bar or WWE SmackDown Tag Team champion Zavier Woods playing video games with fans. WWE TJ Perkins celebrated his birthday here with an impromptu party. Popular shows like Rick and Morty a show any true nerd is obsessed with Pare, and Pokémon are part of the culture, and the space transforms every week to honor that.

The Nerd shares its heart as an avid supporter of The One Step Closer Foundation, holding a celebrity-filled poker tournament and gala later this year.