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Get Your Drink On

Nov 27, 2018 11:53AM
The Dominican Republic is a destination that soothes the soul and invites everyone who comes to relax, dance, drink, and let go. From Santo Domingo in the South to Puerto Plata in the North, the people, the culture, the cuisine, and the rum invoke the islander and free spirit within.

To celebrate life in the DR, there is rum. No matter where you go, what time of day it happens to be, rum derived from the sugarcane grown plentifully in the region is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Indigenous to the islands, rum is a spirit that has found more prestige in recent years than in years past, and as a result, rum cocktails have emerged with style. Connoisseurs have found their way back to the spirits that represent cultural influence, happy dispositions, and a harrowing tone of revival.

In spite of that newfound prestige, the drink native to the Dominican Republic, Mamajuana, is finally coming to the masses. What is it? Locals make it by soaking rum, red wine, and honey in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. It’s said to bring back your libido … in spades. It’s a family recipe you’ll flock to— and not just with hopes of getting your swagger back.

Candela Mamajuana, the first ready-to-drink Mamajuana brought to the masses, is now available in the United States. Based on a family recipe, it’s infused with premium Dominican rum and sweetened with organic honey. DRINKCANDELA.COM

Happy Ending
Fall brings cool breezes, colorful landscapes, and a slew of colds and flus happily waiting to infest our bodies. While Emergen-C may be your go-to, why not opt for a libation that also happens to boost your immune system? Happy Ending is a cocktail utilizing kombucha, Candela Mamajuana, and good island rum.

• 3 ounces Candela Mamajuana
• 3 ounces kombucha

STEP 1: Add ice to a shaker and mix kombucha with Candela Mamajuana.
STEP 2: Gently shake or stir. Strain into a cocktail glass.
STEP 3: Top with a sugar rim or an edible flower.

Old-Fashioned with a Twist
The old-fashioned—the drink of all drinks—has taken on a medley of variations over time. Though it’s traditionally crafted with whiskey, bourbon, or rye, there’s no reason you can’t mix it up with rum. The cocktail below is a new take on an old classic.

• 1 sugar cube
• 2 dashes bitters
• 2 ounces Candela Mamajuana

STEP 1: Muddle sugar cube with bitters.
STEP 2: Add Candela Mamajuana, ice, and an orange twist on the side.