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Into the Rewild

Nov 24, 2018 11:42AM ● By Dan McCarthy
Quincy Center will have the nation’s first all plant-based beer hall.

Most people who venture south of Boston seeking creative culinary flare are wont to stick to tried and-true classics of the shore and its surrounding municipalities. But there exists a brazen flock of people who eschew tradition at every turn, instead seeking out playgrounds and the kind of barroom mis-en-scene reflecting the loftier and more niche eatery ambitions of a melting pot culture like Los Angeles or New York City.

This makes it all the more unusual (and awesome) that in late October, Rewild–the nation’s first all plant-based vegan beer hall and dining emporium–opened in Quincy.

Smack dab in the middle of Quincy Center’s rebirth and renaissance, Rewild is the brainchild of owner Pat McAuley, who says people who aren’t certain about this inversion of the traditional beer hall concept in Quincy, for that matter can look forward to being surprised by how familiar the food is.

“It’s not going to be weird,” McAuley says with a laugh a couple days before Rewild’s official opening party in early October. “We’re doing food you’re used to, but with our natural, healthy, plant-based take on it. You can come in and have burgers and tacos and pizza.”

Or rather, Impossible Burgers, “scallop” tacos with trumpet mushrooms instead of shellfish, and vegan pizzas with thin-sliced beet “pepperoni” slices. Sure, it sounds like something you’d find in Hipster Central, but that’s just it. You can’t. This is the first.

“It’s something you can’t even get in Brooklyn and other trendier cities, so it’s big for the city and Quincy Center,” McAuley said.

McAuley is no newbie to plant-based culinary fare. He also founded the site Eat Green Make Green (EATGREENMAKEGREEN.COM), so even the snobbiest vegans won’t guffaw at the food. More to the point, neither will Joe Sixpack.

“Take our fish and chips, which has a secret veggie the chef uses that, when fried in batter, has the texture of whitefish and tastes amazing,”

McAuley says. “We are focusing on dishes that you’re used to having in a beer hall. Ours are just better for you, better for the planet, and you still get to have a great social scene.”

Rewild is also a beer house, and through a special collaboration with Barrel House Z, it offers American amber ale aged in tequila barrels (McAuley calls them “nice fall drinking beers”), and specialties from local stars Widowmaker and Night Shift Brewing as well.

Looks like Quincy Center is about to be your new beer destination off the Red Line.