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Sensi Denver/Boulder: Community Responsibility Event

Nov 21, 2018 05:56PM

In the cannabis industry we are always growing, literally and figuratively, as a national movement. It’s our responsibility as citizens and as businesses to acknowledge the groups and individuals we can affect as well as the hard-hitting issues impacting our society on a daily basis.

This event will discuss the importance of community and corporate responsibility from a local and national perspective. As we have grown here at Sensi, we have faced hard situations that we believe the community can learn from, and we want to open up for collaboration and feedback. This event will provide resources and hopefully get us all thinking about next steps we can take to create positive change in our communities.

In an effort to not only share personal experience and what we’ve learned, Sensi has engaged the assistance of Aida Manduley and Andy Izenson.

Andy and Aida have helped us develop an event that addresses areas of concern and bridges discussion of how we can be better, both personally and, as a community.

Aida Manduley is an award-winning Puerto Rican activist, therapist, and presenter known for big earrings and building bridges. They currently have a thriving clinical practice out of Boston and serve on both The Effing Foundation for Sex Positivity's Advisory Board and the Leadership Circle for the Women of Color Sexual Health Network, and have been with The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health in multiple capacities since 2010. Manduley is also part of various ongoing projects and international task-forces that take advantage of their specialties in trauma, sexuality, alternative relationship paradigms, and accountability processes.

Andy Izenson is a gender-ambivalent attorney and activist, an event planner, educator, and poet working to reframe conflict through a compassionate and transformative lens. Andy is a member of the LGBT Bar Association’s Family Law Institute, the President of the NYC Chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild, and one of the LGBT Bar Association’s Top 40 Under 40, and is nationally recognized as an advocate for queer community and families.


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