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High Art

Nov 14, 2018 06:54PM
A 170-foot mural by airbrush artist Gear Duran and Duchess of Art Deco Heather Hermann transforms the exterior walls of Cannabition into a tribute to cannabis’ past, present, and future, with Instragrammable moments combining digital timelines and ancient petroglyphs into modern art. Cannabition is the brand new cannabis museum located on Fremont Street, and this mural only lends to the interactive flow of the space.

The mural traces cannabis’ lineage from China to futuristic alien life with a sense of whimsy and hope for total acceptance. Jimi Hendrix gazes down as he fingers the magic of his guitar. Bob Marley stares over his shoulder inhaling a doobie. With flashing red and blue lights, a police car with D.A.R.E. stenciled across its panel is ready to “drive” into the courtyard to discourage any “illegal” pot activity.


“I am proud that Cannabition picked two local artists to represent their brand,” says Duran. “Originally I was going to create the entire mural,” says Duran. “But then I knew my girlfriend Heather [Hermann] needed to paint the Art Nouveau style above the main exit.” This combination of styles represent the differences between Vegas and the cannabis space. Once nondescript, these walls in a virtually deserted retail center are now a testament for both cannabis culture and downtown revitalization. (