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Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine November 2018 - Los Angeles Digital Edition

Oct 31, 2018 09:07AM ● By Amber Orvik


While our nation is inundated with more political chaos than Andy Dick debacles, this issue we’re pausing to appreciate the simple joy and influence of Life & Style. I’d love to say designer labels and overpriced merchandise were what epitomizes that for me, but to be honest, Life & Style is something that influences our decisions and our daily muses encouraging us to get out of our own way, value ourselves more, and find the courage to live out loud. I’m sure I sound like a broken record when I say those things are idealized for me through design, culinary adventures, art, and daring to explore places outside of single parenting by way of curious travel, but it’s true. They do it for me. 

Growing up in a Hispanic and Welsh family, I was drawn to things I didn’t understand: museums, foreign language, fascinating architecture, food that seemed weird, and design that was sophisticated yet understated and elegant. Even at a young age, I recognized the sheer beauty of self-expression, and that is where I felt most connected to everything around me. It also allowed me to view things that were different as inherently necessary to my very existence. 

As I grew up and worked in a variety of industries, I realized life could be anything I wanted it to be, including utilizing my voice by “rocking the vote”. At 18, I threw myself into a flurry of legislation, proudly casting my ballot for who would lead the nation (even if they didn’t win). I understood that voting wasn’t just a right, it was a privilege. A privilege that could be instrumental in changing the way our nation functioned—and that was something I was into: bringing people together. This month, Americans gets to participate in mid-term elections, and if ever there was a time when life and style played a role in our daily lives, this might take the cake. With cannabis measures on the California ballot, we can redefine what life and style mean. We can make cannabis more accessible, improving the lives of countless people, and we can make redefining “normal” stylish

This issue is about defining your own style, using your voice for the greater good, finding authenticity in unique cultures, applauding innovative design, exploring how cannabis can contribute to quality of life, and accepting that who you are will change every day, for the rest of your life. Sure, the fundamental version of you will always exist, but if you’re willing, style will filter in through the knowledge you obtain and the experiences you’re open to having. Before you know it, not only will you be your best self but everything will seem possible again. 

Here’s to finding whatever life and style mean to you. 


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