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Sensi Magazine October 2018 - Southern Colorado Digital Edition

Oct 01, 2018 05:42AM ● By Amber Orvik

As I write this, the first cool day of fall has ended the long string of 90-plus degree days in September. There’s something about the waning days of the hot season that makes your body yearn for a little reprieve, to start to crave chunky sweaters, orange-hued decor accents, and steaming bowls of comfort foods. Around the equinox, the human body is primed for change, and I’ve found this feeling to be universal, no matter one’s current climate. I grew up in New Hampshire but spent 12 years in Miami on my way to Colorado; September and October were the height of hurricane season, among the hottest and most humid months year after year, but come mid-September, my instinctual brain would tell me it was time to start layering up. 

The theme of change is running through this issue, an umbrella topic uniting all of the various stories, from the special report on big-name beer brands getting in on the marijuana magic to the intriguing feature on how gut health is essential to one’s mental health—a change in the long-term school of thought that depression starts in the brain. 

There’s also a lengthy roundup of all the changes you can find at Colorado’s top ski and snowboard resorts this coming season—which may start this month, if A-Basin and Loveland have any say in it. But really it’s Mother Nature’s call, and despite the break in heat at the end of September, it doesn’t look good for any early-season runs this year. 

I hope to be proven wrong; it happens often, something my Type-A brain finds challenging, but I am working on creating better habits, striving to make little changes to my daily routine in the pursuit of a better self. This quest is aided by some of the habit-tracking apps I rounded up in the Buzz this month—handy tools that make it easy to celebrate the little wins throughout the day. 

This change issue came about as a way to do a politics issue without doing a politics issue the month before what’s on track to be one of the most consequential midterm elections of my lifetime. The NewsFeed this month deals with some of Colorado’s pot-friendly politicians, and it’s both informative and engaging—not always the easiest feat for a political piece, but one our senior editor handles with aplomb. 

Change is in the air. Be the change you wish to see, to paraphrase that quote misattributed to Gandhi. Vote like your life depends on it. 


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