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Sensi Magazine October 2018 - Las Vegas Digital Edition

Oct 01, 2018 05:11AM ● By Amber Orvik

Reinvention. Transformation. Modification. Some words for “change” don’t quite have the connotation like the word itself. However, the reality is that for anything to become different, alternate thought, desire, and action have to be implemented. 

Benjamin Franklin said as he observed in 1789: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Life is fluid, and as new generations come of age, it’s ever apparent. The US converted from an agriculturally stimulated economy to an industrial and technological one over these 242 years. Now, change is upon us yet again. I refer to experts cited in Business Insider or Forbes to help me navigate through shifts in consumer behavior. I know I have changed in many areas of my life and there’s no telling what the future brings. 

Change has been instrumental in the growth of Las Vegas. We underwent a significant shift with the introduction of NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights. I was excited to find that even at a gala, the entire event paused for the third game. We watched the Knights play during dinner and commenced after the final puck flew across the ice. Throughout the week, I witnessed people streaming the games on their devices, and I can only imagine the heightened interest when the Raiders arrive. 

The point is, we are always changing. We’ve begun to embrace every gender and sexual orientation, allowing us to respect, accept, and celebrate. We are no longer boxed in by what is expected or demanded, but instead rise to the occasion when challenged. The same is true with cannabis and, I believe, once the federal government legalizes marijuana for recreational and medicinal adult-use, a more relaxed climate will prevail. 

While I admit I am afraid sometimes of what is occurring in the world, I am also grateful as well. I want to thank you, for coming on this journey as the mainstream embraces the new normal with a pro-cannabis voice. It is my honor to be part of Sensi

Yours in the new normal, 


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