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Sensi Buzz: CREATE Something

Sep 13, 2018 05:47PM ● By Dan McCarthy
An art gallery rises in Union Square with draft cocktails from Boston’s best bartenders. 

“I have everyone lined up ready to go. Should be getting my drawings back from contractor. Then the permitting process. But so long as we have the money we can start building.”

So goes the battle cry of chef Louis DiBiccari, of Tavern Road fame (RIP) as well as the celebrated Create Boston yearly art/food/drink/local goods market lo these past six years. He’s talking of course of the much buzzed-about (especially if you’ve seen the viral Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that’s been all over social media during the summer) Create Gallery + Cocktail Lounge coming to the bustling new Bow Market in Somerville’s Union Square.

If you’re woefully behind the development news of late, Bow Market will have this hyper-local, homegrown feel to it, tucked away as it is in Union Square with a host of vendors getting their first shot at taking their upstart brand to the land of brick and mortar retail. “The guys that built it had a specific vision to do something unique and fun and different with a local feel,” says DiBiccari. “Where you can get produce to local fish filets, to jewelry and relics from an antique store, and get to see Boston’s best comedians at the comedy stop opening there.”


But DiBiccari’s Create gallery and cocktail bar will stand out no matter what, given the fact it will be the city’s first all-draft cocktail bar featuring creations and special inventions by some of the best drink slingers in the Hub. But just like the Create party brought together killer local artists across various mediums with top notch culinary and cocktail talent around the city, DiBiccari says, “My hope is it’s going to be a new look for a gallery. I go to lots of them, and I want mine to feel more like our events, where the art comes to life. I want to create an atmosphere before the art for the gallery even gets there. A space that feels good and looks good, and people will want to hang out there.

By working with his network of marquee drink masters, the space will work with 6-8 at a time yielding two dozen cocktails created just for Create to rotate in and out—seasonally, special occasions or events, you name it.

“The reason we’re doing it in the first place, our mission really, is to develop a larger platform for artists around Boston,” says DiBiccari, who hails from a lineage of professional artists in Boston. “It’s important because as a society we feel like Boston artists don’t get their due publicly, there’s no media driving notoriety the way they do with chefs and athletes here. From day one we wanted this space to bring them in with food and drink, with the art working directly in tandem with the food and drink. There are amazing artists in Boston you don’t know about, because unless it’s a First Friday you’re not walking into a gallery, you miss a lot here. At Create it will be First Friday every night.”

Resident artists for will show work for 45 to 60 days at a time, including thematic displays featuring artists collaborating together as well as with the cocktail program. Food will be small bites either featuring DiBiccari’s socko hummus delights (he’s currently manning the Hummari culinary residency at Wink and Nod in the South End), or from one of the neighbors at Bow, including the drool-worthy empanadas at Buenas Brand

Art and empanadas are the key to a happy and healthy life. Write that down.

Create Gallery + Cocktail Lounge. 1 Bow Market, Somerville.