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The Ten Commandments of the 2018 Boston Freedom Rally

Sep 10, 2018 01:34PM ● By Dan McCarthy
Should you get your hands on this month’s issue before heading to the 29th Annual Boston Freedom Rally and this is either your first go-round on the merry merry-go-round that is the oldest and longest running cannabis celebration and educational festival in New England, or your first in some time (your return to the Common on Sept 14-16 this year no doubt inspired by the new legal landscape), below you’ll find a quick reference of the ten axioms of attendance which should ensure both a helluva good time, as well as a way to not seem like a virgin walking through your first Eyes Wide Shut-style orgy of the flesh.

Behold, your Ten Commandments, as told to us by GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF.*

I Thou shalt do as the Commoners do, especially a little after 4 p.m. Because if you’re not aware, each year when the clock strikes the celebrated minute-hour combo of 4:20 p.m. you can look skyward, just over the heads of the crowd stretching across the bucolic park, and the Great Fog rising up like an apparition signals a lot of strangers were suddenly connected through shared actions. If you’re not holding, just look around. Sharing happens.

II Thou shalt not ogle the wildlife. The rally is what you make of it. What some people make of it involves the body in constant motion; moving through the people and conversations and lectures and live music and snacks and more snacks and HEY LOOK MORE SNACKS, until happily stoned and content. Others go...a different route. You’ll know them when you see them. (Hint: look for anyone slithering out of a dab tent with a smile and seeming loss of general mobility). In the end it’ll be no more cliche or off-putting to see a white bro in dreadlocks deep into a shatter-induced lawn snooze laying sprawled and too wicked to move, as it is to notice a 58-year-old real estate salesman passed out in a margarita-stained Jimmy Buffet concert tee on the lawn of the Parrot Fest one is attending for some reason. Different strokes. Just do you.

III Thou shalt eat all the foodstuffs. People drive from every state in New England (and beyond) to attend the festival. If there wasn’t a stunning variety and range of flavors in the snackable department it would be a truly lost opportunity, both for the vendors in attendance as well as the attendees themselves, who you will find are not bashful about overtly overindulging. These are stressful times, people. Let loose today. You deserve it.

IV Thou shalt make your way to the stage and dance freely at least once. Maybe not for long. Maybe when nobody is watching. Maybe when everyone is watching because you’re good at it or you’re terrible at it but couldn’t care less because America that’s why. Either way, there’ll be plenty of grooves to move even the most stoney and grooveless in your crew. If you don’t know who that is it’s probably you.

V Thou shalt spend a little time walking the exhibitor booths. These are the people, producers, artists, and cannabis service-related outfits currently peppering the Bay State cannabis scene in one way or another. As this industry is just getting going, a little effort goes a long way towards understanding who’s who, and doing what, why, and when. Or whatever. Just check out the Sensi booth if nothing else.


VI Thou shalt swing by (KOP) King of Pot’s bench. It’s there for a reason. If you need one or don’t know who we’re talking about, check out the July issue of Sensi Boston on the giants of Hub cannabis activism who came before legalization came to the state. Respect.

VII Thou shalt stay hydrated. No, really. It’s very important. Always. But especially when logging several hours meandering around a historic park, sashaying your way through the funnel cake vendors and eating salty meats and tooth-cracking sweets while also ensuring the dance commandment is being attended to. You’re going to need to keep the fluids going. Ignore at your own peril, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

VIII Thou shalt learn a thing or two. Head to the education village. Sit through a lecture. Ask questions and watch how eager most are to answer. Catch wind of a particularly salient conversation opening up worlds to the ignorant, or just adding to the communal shared knowledge de-stigmatizing a plant that is increasingly providing a livelihood for many (to say nothing about the medicinal triumphs). In an age known for misinformation and fake news, listening to hard science, common knowledge, heart wrenching patient stories, and simply leaving with more information than you arrived with is a good look to have.

IX Thou shalt make friends. Provided you don’t have the social skills of a potted plant— either before, during, or after consumption takes place —it’s your game to lose in the new people and friends department at the rally. As open and friendly as a large scale festival can be. (Ed. note: One year I met a girl with a giant pet bunny on a leash. Again, it was a giant pet bunny. On a leash. Noticed while stoned. Yes. I talked to it. There was a connection.)

X Thou shalt marvel at the event. As well as the legal status of cannabis after decades of marginalization, cultural misinformation, and needless criminality that still requires much work in the days and months ahead. It’s a great time to be pro-pot. The festival is proof of that.

*Okay fine… not God, but sound logic here either way. Have fun, friends.