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Sensi Magazine September 2018 - San Diego Digital Edition

Aug 31, 2018 05:11AM ● By Amber Orvik


Few things in life are as impactful as immersing yourself in art and culture. In my life, I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to 25-plus countries and provinces and 28 states and have attempted to learn five languages. It turns out I speak English really well! That said, every time I’ve traveled abroad, I find myself bewildered and happily so at the beauty of other cultures. Whether in unique traditions or thoughtful innovations, it’s learning about the world from people very different from myself that has given me the most rewarding moments of my life. 

From plates set before me, live street performances, countless museums and art galleries, the array of colors and smells take my breath away, I’m enamored from the moment I allow myself to be completely open and venture someplace I’ve never been. When you walk through the streets of Barcelona, you see architecture that moves with the bending streets exemplified by Gaudi or in Dublin, you see a hillside so green, you feel like you’re living in technicolor. In the Dominican, you grab insatiable carnitas off the side of the road or travel to Berlin where you can enjoy some hemp with artists you happen to meet. In the end, it comes down to the people, the conversations, the food, the way of life, the art—the culture. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to have made friends with people that came from all over the world who spoke different languages, practiced different religions, ate different cuisine, and who inevitably taught me about the beauty in that difference. While I didn’t officially leave the US to explore until my twenties, living in LA gave me a beautiful taste of what the big, bold world had to offer. With a global population living throughout Southern California, we are fortunate enough to see a place that proves diversity is the only normal we should know. 

This month as we focus on culture that emanates in art, design, travel—including the ever-emerging cannabis culture—let’s all take the time to appreciate the stunning qualities of those different from ourselves. Visit the countless exhibitions throughout all of Southern California, celebrate culture through live performances and festivals like the Pacific Islander Fest, try Ethiopian food (El Merkato on Fairfax is my favorite), or venture to learn even a paragraph of polite conversation in another language. 

There is so much to learn and love about each other. 



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