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Sensi Magazine August 2018 - Boston Digital Edition

Aug 01, 2018 05:31AM ● By Amber Orvik
July has come and gone, which means nothing, just as it did before everyone decided that if recreational sales didn’t get off the ground on July 1—a non-binding date established by the vox populi of MA—then somehow the Mass Grass scene was doomed and flawed.

But the reality is murkier and paradoxically clearer than that. First, as we keep saying, this is an evolving if somewhat stillborn industry. Yes, the fact that there aren’t a rash of shops across the state set up, zoned, licensed, lab-tested, stocked, locked, and ready to rock is a bit of a bummer. We told you to keep your delivery guy, didn’t we?

However, things are moving at a rapid clip both behind the scenes and in plain sight for anyone with two eyes and an affinity to reading proper informative news. In any case, let the false start to a false date serve as a lesson moving forward. We are in the beginning stages of an industry that will likely not smooth out overnight. Nothing in Massachusetts does, especially with an AG laying down extended moratoriums in late June that sent the community into an uproar (and rightly so).

The Cannabis Control Commission and their Herculean task of establishing a regulated industry from the muck and mire of the black market have achieved commendable successes in a short time. Anyone with a word otherwise should feel free to reach out to the surprisingly accessible members of the commission. Talk to them. Tell them what is wrong and how it can be righted. Things may already be happening behind the scenes.

Until then, grab this issue of Sensi, kick your feet up, and enjoy the strides made so far in a long-sidelined industry that has negatively affected too many, and enriched too few. I saw someone attribute this quote to Bill Murray, and I have no idea if he said it, but it rings true: “Ironically, the most dangerous thing about cannabis has always been getting caught with it.”

At least we don’t have to worry about that anymore in the Bay State. Light up, friends. It’s as good a day as any in the legal world of Mass Grass.


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