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Sensi Magazine August 2018 - San Diego Digital Edition

Aug 01, 2018 05:20AM ● By Amber Orvik
Tapping into YOUR happy

This year has been transformative in a multitude of ways, so as we think about the last bit of summer before schools are back in session and life gets back to the crazy, it’s time to focus on finding our center. This issue is all about wellness and in my world, that means striving to attain a state of zen regardless of what else is happening. So while I dream of white sandy beaches and escapes to faraway lands, I’ve embodied the notion that wellness—and zen—can be achieved simply by making every effort to find that in our daily lives.

From doing yoga that’s cannabis friendly to finding a small bit of solitary paradise up north, we can implement wellness into our lives rather easily. For me, that state of bliss happens by choice. Personally, I find that sense of calm in submersing myself in art at a local museum or sitting on the sandy shores while sand sneaks its way into every open crevice. I can find it in eastern philosophy, a careful dosing of CBD, talking to fellow creatives, or practicing yoga/meditation (this presents a challenge for me and my hyper-speed life, but I submit—reluctantly).

Recently, I’ve committed to eating cleaner, trying new things, laughing with people I love being around, listening to the sound of my daughter yelling at Zelda while she spends her summer days
mastering Link’s ultimate domination, going to live shows, to discovering a terrific yoga workout app that energizes my soul: Asana Rebel. I’ve tried new dining popups, experimented with mixology, talked to men like Matthew Modine and Adam Rackoff about life, filmmaking, and being an activist, and I’ve indulged in a bit of mint chocolate chip ice cream and silenced the guilt. In other words, wellness doesn’t necessarily mean you escape to a silent retreat for a week. It can mean finding your joy, tapping into nature and going for a hike, dancing for no reason (in public if you’re bold enough), listening to your body, or talking it out with a therapist. The point is, wellness is what makes YOU feel better about life. And let’s face it, these days, we all need to feel a little better.

As August sweeps in, live passionately and don’t apologize for it. Eat well, sip happy, live big!


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