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Healthy Stops

Jul 25, 2018 05:40PM ● By Dawn Garcia
Eating out and eating healthy aren’t typically known for being synonymous. But that’s changing. These days, as health and wellness become the centrifuge for positive living, more and more options have popped up. I scoured the terrain in hopes of finding cuisine that would feed my longing to bite into savvy, yet flavorful dishes that also appeal to my commitment to a longer, healthier, and fit life. Turns out the options are ample, so here’s a snapshot of the choices available to satisfy that desiring hunger of yours.
Vegetable / Los Angeles
Vegan and vegetarian cuisine isn’t often referred to as comfort food, but at Vegetable (VEGETABLELA.COM) on Cahuenga in Studio City, veggie-based comfort food is what they serve. I wandered in for dinner on a whim and found a menu that’s vibrant, with unique vegan dishes and undeniably delectable cuisine. While it is a bit pricey, this restaurant is one to check out when you’re up for a filling, flavor-forward meal. The vegan cheese board is remarkable, with selections that taste like actual cheese, not dehydrated blocks. The restaurant also serves gluten-free bread and crackers. But the truffled wild mushroom and Brussels sprout risotto is the menu highlight. The dish is decadent and rich, perfectly cooked, and rivals some of the cheesiest fungi risottos I’ve had anywhere.
Kreation / Abbot Kinney, Venice
Its motto is simple: Peace. Love. Juice. In other words, be mindful, be kind, and be healthy. Discovering Kreation (KREATIONJUICE.COM) is one of the best things you can do for your body. While I’m already a frequenter of their juiceries, it’s the Kreation Kafe I love most. The big, bright green salads, hearty wraps, and other fresh dishes are made daily using locally sourced, Farmer’s Market Certified Organic fruits and vegetables. In Kreation’s words, those foods “flood the body’s cells with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that cleanse, heal, and nourish.” A Santa Monica-Certified Green Business, Kreation outposts can be found throughout Southern California, including the powerful, effective cleanses, CBD-infused juices and wellness shots, an expansive selection of snacks, desserts, grab-n-go meals, and a hearty array of powders to use at home.
Seabirds Kitchen / Costa Mesa & Long Beach
Seabirds Kitchen (SEABIRDSKITCHEN.COM) believes in making a difference and serving excellent fare. It’s true that vegan cuisine isn’t always as scrumptious as the dairy-based, meat-filled foods some people are used to. But sometimes, a culinary team decides there’s no reason for it, so they elevate vegan. Seabirds started as a food truck on a mission to push the boundaries of vegan cuisine. With sauces and condiments made from scratch, the team’s seasonal menu focuses on locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables because to them, the ingredients should shine. Seabirds also is staffed with some of the nicest people around, so whether or not you are vegan, this eatery will make your mouth happy.
Trilogy Sanctuary / La Jolla
To keep us grounded, centered, happy, fed, and connected, Joe and Leila Caldera created a haven in one of the most beautiful stops in Southern Cali: La Jolla. Trilogy Sanctuary (TRILOGYSANCTUARY.COM) is a serene space that offers yoga, vegan cuisine, spiritual healing, and an opportunity to connect with both nature and the community. The menu boasts vegan concepts like the aptly named Perfect Tacos, the Heavenly Smoothies, and the Transcendent Brownie, among a slew of other dishes that are entirely organic, vegan, and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar. Trilogy Sanctuary was created to provide a place that nurtures, balances, and inspires people to lead healthy lives in harmony with themselves and with nature. The cuisine that accompanies that ideology mirrors it.
Bar Kindred / San Diego
Seared watermelon, biscuits in mushroom gravy, Memphis barbecue jackfruit, beet risotto, and the Descent into Madness or the Psychic Venom cocktail to wash it down—that is what Bar Kindred (BARKINDRED.COM) offers. Wildly inventive cocktails with even more imaginative vegan cuisine can make a believer out of any carnivore. You understand what you’re getting into when you read these words: plants, booze, and revelry in South Park. Drinking while eating food that nourishes your insides just seems right. Bar Kindred emits a sense of adventure while presenting a culinary program that pushes what vegan cuisine is all about, and I’m all for that.