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Drink To Your Health

Jul 25, 2018 05:37PM ● By Dawn Garcia
Cannabis is a broad but powerful plant that has more uses and benefits than any pharmaceutical can conjure up. CBD, a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant that’s associated with many healing properties rather than the psychoactive properties its cousin cannabinoid THC is known for, is to our bodies what oxygen is to our brains. It’s like a jumpstart to our system—our tired, overworked, over-stressed, in-dire-need-of-someattention system. Now as the legalization of cannabis reaches deep into the marketplace, more and more companies are infusing CBD oil into edible products and drinks alike. Monk is one of those companies.

Monk Drinking Botanicals (, created by Aaron Burke and Melanie McGraw, are craft cocktails enriched with CBD. With impressive branding that taps into an apothecary design esthetic, the bottles feel medicinal without being cold, appealing to the eye as much as the liquid within appeals to the tastebuds. Available in a range of flavors for novice and seasoned palates alike, the flavorful blends include unique combos such as ginger, maple, and apple shrub and rosemary, orange peel, and lemon.
“When we started Monk, our focus was to create multiple product lines that were delicious, clean and healthful, consistently dosed, and beautifully branded,” says McGraw. “We also wanted to create products and brand messaging that encourage connection. Connection is one of our core values, whether it’s a shared moment with friends, connecting with our communities or the world at large, or simply taking a breath in the middle of our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves.”

The brand’s name comes from that same place of authenticity. “The word ‘Monk’ is associated with the qualities of openness, equanimity, and being present—both to the external world and our own internal workings,” explains Burke. “It’s a way of being that is meaningful to us.”

The “Drinking Botanicals” part of the Monk handle is a reminder of the company’s origins and purpose: botanically driven products. “Clean, plant-based foods are good for our bodies,” says McGraw. “Craft cocktails are complex, delicious vehicles for enjoyable experiences. Our line of CBD-infused Drinking Botanicals marries the best of both worlds in plant-powered craft cocktails designed to help you unwind.”

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry plus plenty of restaurant ownership experience to boot, Burke and McGraw’s approach to taste, development, quality, and aesthetics is something to appreciate. Monk’s handcrafted cannabis cocktails showcase their commitment to providing what they describe as the “best and cleanest ingredients, exceptional taste, gorgeous packaging, and a healthful way to unwind.”

The infused concoctions are available via an online subscription service, available in a variety of membership tiers by way of monthly seasonal care packages. As a bonus: there are no setup or cancellation fees.