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Tea + Yoga Toking

Jul 25, 2018 03:45PM ● By Dawn Garcia
Marina del Rey is one of the largest man-made marinas in the US. It also happens to be the perfect backdrop for getting into a far more relaxed state of mind. In Southern Cali, we tend to immerse ourselves in clean eating and mindful practices such as yoga and meditation, seeking an overall sense of chill—because otherwise, the traffic alone will send us into a tailspin. So when we heard about Lit Yoga—an elevated yoga experience that infuses your practice with cannabis—we were so there.

Where, exactly? The exact studio address is only revealed to participants once they register, but it’s in the Marina Del Ray area. The schedule features a variety of class styles centered around restorative and creative flows—and they all begin with a 15-minute tea and cannabis ritual. Yogis have the option of drinking tea (Gong Fu ceremonial style), smoking joints, and/or adding a little CBD or THC tinctures to the mix.

Lit Yoga founder Hannah Mason, who has been practicing yoga and dance for 12 years, says cannabis brought her back to body awareness. Incorporating the elevating plant into her practice helped her sore muscles, tuned into her tension, and brought about a calming and far more awakened state of mind.

“Cannabis can be a catalyst to bring yoga practioners into their internal landscape and allow a deepening into the process of self-exploration and self-knowledge,” she says. “It naturally connects people to their physical being, their breath, and an expanded state of consciousness. Micro-dosing can be incredibly powerful in guiding people to a state of relaxation, openness, and heightened awareness of one’s thoughts and emotions.”

With a relaxed vibe that resonates, the 21+ studio delivers a sense of community, inclusion, welcomed social interaction, well-being, education, and intention.