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Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine July 2018 - Denver/Boulder Digital Edition

Jul 01, 2018 06:53AM ● By Amber Orvik

I’ll be your host, and I’m pretty pumped about that. I had passed the Denver/ Boulder edition on to a managing editor in February so I could focus on Sensi’s expansion into new markets across the US—seven, to be exact—and it’s been a whirlwind getting there. It was freeing to get away from my desk, to travel, to see the excitement as the message of the new normal resonated with readers across the country. 

But full disclosure: I missed making a magazine myself. I missed surrounding myself with notebooks and stacks of the monthly rags I subscribe to seeking inspiration on the pages during overnight brainstorming sessions. I missed deep diving into the internet seeking photo sources that fit our startup editorial budgets, I missed the process of putting together the lineup and writing assignment letters and all the other things that go along with it. I missed making magazines with a message. 

And my message for this “What’s Hot” issue is simple: follow your passions. There’s nothing hotter than you being you. So when the managing editor of Denver/Boulder stepped down, I leapt at the chance to restructure the editorial department so I could take back over the day-to-day details of our flagship publication. 

I hope my passion translates onto these pages—and all the coming ones, too. For this issue, we put together a lineup of features about how to take advantage of the incredible range of things Colorado living has to offer, from rafting trips to pet-friendly hikes to the best events and happenings to put on your calendar this month. Then there’s also my travel essay written from the floor of a campsite I found myself in the week I was meant to be writing something else. It’s deeply personal, more personal than anything I have published before. But it felt right, so I went with it. 

One more message for you then: go with the flow. You just may end up right where you want to be. 


Click on the image below to read the JULY 2018 issue of Sensi Magazine — Denver/Boulder Edition