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Explore the Underground

Jun 29, 2018 01:07PM

 The word underground hints at off the-grid, alternative, and separate from the mainstream of society. A farmers market atmosphere offers cooperatives and businesses, and the combination becomes the Underground at Acres Cannabis dispensary.

The secret tunnel winds through amaze before opening up to the first legal marijuana farmers market in the United States. Cultivators, extractors, and processors can speak directly with customers, whether about medicinal or adult-use recreational. The market itself is spacious in a climate-controlled environment with a social aspect for like-minded people.

After a visit to the underground, Acres Cannabis features an open view window of the oils and edibles kitchen as well as flower-trimming displays. Artifacts and history line the walls with cannabis memorabilia from the past.

Acres Cannabis developed as a vertically integrated seed-to-sale cannabis conglomerate. According to Managing Partner of Acres Cannabis John Mueller [in a press release], with the thriving hospitality and tourism industry of Las Vegas, the Underground is positioned to be the national brands’ launch point to connect with consumers legally.

Open Friday and Saturday. 2320 Western Ave., west of the Strip.