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Sensi Magazine June 2018 - Las Vegas Digital Edition

Jun 01, 2018 07:51AM ● By Amber Orvik


The color green resonates power with so many meanings. Currency induces motivation with all of us, and even with the advent of cryptocurrency, people still want those paper bills. A beloved puppet sings about being green and the trouble of being different. Leaves, flowers, and buds identify with the familiar green leaf of marijuana. Eco-friendly and sustainable structures signify green incentives.

Green is merely a symbol. When referring to the planet, people are the steward. I urge everyone to step up and reclaim and invigorate his or her portion of the world. Action can include community spirit, volunteering, and making changes to everyone’s lives. Commemorative holidays such as 420 and Earth Day acknowledge celebration once a year but everyone needs to take action daily.

Amazing men and women demonstrate daily their passion for making this a better place to live. They design the future with solutions. Whether it is the food that nourishes, structures that protect, exhibiting kindness to animals, or working to decriminalize, hope is here, and everyone is welcome to show that they also care.

Resolution can be attained for the many issues on cannabis and finances. The landmines of a cash industry with taxes and insurance can seem daunting. Currency is an integral part of our society, and the answer might be in cryptocurrency or updated bank regulations to reflect the New Normal.

The color green demonstrated through symbology about recognizing differences even in mid-century sensibilities. The film The Boy with Green Hair was released in 1948 and dramatized the story of a young war orphan who wakes up with green hair. He is bullied and taunted with a message that different is not acceptable. How ironic that today green hair is a fashion statement. Acceptance exhibits change.

While embracing a pro-cannabis stance, Sensi is part of the mainstream and reaches out with a collective goal to be part of creating a better Southern Nevada to live, work, and play. Thank you for selecting and reading Sensi, either in print or digitally, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you, our readers.

Yours in the new normal,


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