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Letter from Our Founder

May 28, 2018 03:18PM ● By Ron Kolb

On March 19, Sensi leadership launched an internal review after learning about allegations of inappropriate behavior, including verbal sexually offensive conduct, that took place following a private event at our Denver publisher’s home.  

We interviewed a number of people who shared details of recreational drug use along with a behavioral pattern that created a toxic environment. To be clear, other than drug use, no crime was committed, however the acts were verbally offensive and required immediate action. On March 21, the publisher in question resigned from leadership and turned over ownership of the Denver publication. Along with his resignation, he was placed on an immediate 90 day suspension with a $15,000 cut in compensation.  

Here at Sensi, we follow 7 pillars of conduct: Humility, Growth, Warrior’s Resolve, Giving Spirit, Community Mind, Fun-Loving Focus, and Understanding Heart. Understanding Heart means we trust one another. We understand that we all make mistakes; we are all human. We try to see the humanity in people, and we give second chances when needed. 

Wanting to abide by our culture, we listened when the individual asked if through seeking counseling for drug abuse and sexual sensitivity awareness, he would have a chance to come back. 

Since the resignation, the Colorado leadership team, who are all women, worked tirelessly to assure there was no negative impact to our local partners. That same team came to me several times to discuss way’s to bring their colleague back early.  

In taking a deep look at what the individual was doing through actions, we realized as a team that given his completion of the agreed upon courses of action, getting him back and supporting the team earlier rather than later would have a greater positive impact than a completion of the full 90-day suspension.   

We also began drafting a new Corporate Code of Conduct that all representatives of Sensi will be required to sign and adhere to moving forward. [See Code of Conduct here.] Along with this Code of Conduct, we are going to hold Town Halls in each city we publish magazines over the next year. These town halls will discuss what happened to Sensi, our lessons and mistakes, and how we handled it internally. Then we will hold these town halls in local markets annually to continue to drive the importance of having guidelines in place for your teams. Protecting women and men and ensuring our environments are safe must be a priority. 

We can do better. Sensi is committed to doing just that. We invite you to hold us to these higher standards in the years to come. And we apologize to the women and men who were involved in this situation.

If you would like to discuss, I am always available to talk. 

Thank you for your continued support, 

Ron Kolb

Founder & CEO

Sensi Media Group

[email protected]