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Sensi Magazine February 2018 - Los Angeles Digital Edition

Feb 01, 2018 03:30PM ● By Amber Orvik

Food plays such a huge role in all of our lives. On the most basic level, we need it everyday to sustain our bodies…but obviously, its significance extends far deeper than that. Food is an exquisite way to enrich our enjoyment of life: we celebrate our birthdays with a slice of cake, reward our achievements with a fancy meal, relieve the day’s stress with a glass of wine, and indulge our senses with a sharp cheese or a savory sauce.

But, as we all know, food also has the means to do us harm. Eating the wrong foods—such as those that are too high in sugar, cholesterol, saturated fats, chemicals, and preservatives—can lead to severe health issues like heart disease and diabetes. And eating excessively can lead to obesity, addiction, depression, and other serious conditions.That’s why it’s so important to remember that the right foods can also act as natural medicines, alleviating or undoing many of the problems that poor eating habits may cause—without resorting to potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. In this regard, cannabis can play a crucial role. By responsibly infusing cannabis into our diets, we can help stave off certain physical and mental health conditions (particularly stress, one of the most pervasive causes of our ailments) while simultaneously enhancing the flavors and aromas of our food and promoting a healthy appetite. It’s for this reason that edibles have become such a large part of the burgeoning cannabis market.

California’s new regulations will be imposing significant changes on how cannabis edibles are produced, packaged, and consumed. But if it ever gets too confusing, just remember this: you always have the option of making your own infused food safely at home.

As the great poet and playwright Oscar Wilde famously said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

So enjoy life’s little indulgences and intoxications ...just don’t make a habit of them.

Highest regards,

Bobby Black

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