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Weeded Bliss

Oct 26, 2017 03:51PM ● By Randy Robinson
Forget what you know about the spring wedding season: this time of year is gaining ground as the most popular for nuptials. The beginning of autumn presents Goldilocks conditions for a couple’s most special day—not too hot, not too cold, just right. Although weed-laced weddings may strike some as a newfangled hippie brand of bizarre, a passing fad, the trend is growing as more and more couples forgo the traditional champagne toast in favor of getting toasty at their reception. Cannabis-focussed event planning companies such as Top Shelf Budtending, Love and Marij, and CannaBride help ensure it’s an uplifting and sophisticated experience. Here are four more reasons cannabis pairs perfectly with weddings:

It’s more AFFORDABLE. Serving cannabis flower instead of alcohol to a wedding of 100 guests could save the happy couple $5,000 according to one study cited by the news site Mic. Adding concentrates or edibles to the equation can drive the price up a bit—but it’ll still be cheaper than an open bar tab.

It INSPIRES perkier spirits. It’s no secret that cannabis instills the chill at any gathering. Swilling booze, on the other hand, can lead to a more sordid affair. Fortunately, weddings that offer both cannabis and alcohol can reasonably expect a drama-free reception, as supported by a 2016 study from the Netherlands showing cannabis not only calms regular cannabis consumers, it does the same thing for drinkers, too.

It looks SUAVE. Cannabis can be presented in all sorts of creatively luxuriant ways. Skilled budtenders can shape joints into tulips, bouquets can include lush cannabis crowns, and infused desserts can take an unlimited array of forms—elevating truffles, cupcakes, macarons, and crème brûlées. Oh my indeed.

It SOLIDIFIES “I do.” Start forever on a high note. Couples who smoke cannabis have a better shot at a happier marriage. Researchers from Yale and Rutgers discovered in 2014 that married couples where one or both partners regularly got elevated were far more peaceable than married couples where neither spouse got lit.