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The Bigger the Dream, the Harder the GRND

Aug 17, 2017 03:12PM ● By Advisory Board
Cannabis isn’t just one of Colorado’s fastest growing industries, it’s one of the nation’s as well. For professionals everywhere interested in a career change, now is the time to get into the field. Employers across the industry are looking to hire deft talent for a variety of positions at all levels—including upper-level management and executive. And since legal cannabis is such a new industry, the majority of the new hires will be people who have spent their professional lives working in other fields, honing skills coveted by modern cannabis companies.

That’s where GRND comes in. The Global Recruiting Network Development is a Colorado-based executive recruiting agency that specializes in matching elite professionals with companies in the cannabis industry.

Nikki Mantooth, founder and president of GRND, has dabbled in the human resources field since she was a teenager in Atlanta. She has a knack for bringing together the best talent with the most conscientious companies. Mantooth’s corporate matchmaking expertise helps cannabis companies fill a whole array of critical roles, and GRND specializes in mid- to upper-level management positions, executive officers, head growers, and directors of cultivation. The main component guiding GRND’s placement decisions, she says, is drive.

“I’m truly invested in my candidates,” she says. “The key in recruiting quality professionals is listening to what it is they’re passionate about and matching their passion with their skill set. If you find that position for them, they’re going to thrive. And when they thrive, the company thrives.”

A recent expansion now allows GRND to connect individuals and companies beyond Colorado’s borders. With clients in Canada, Puerto Rico, and other US states where cannabis is legal, GRND introduces quality professionals to companies with national and international reach.

For businesses, the agency also provides consulting services to help maximize employee retention and streamline day-to-day operations. Additionally, a certified cultivator program is underway, ensuring growers recruited by GRND understand and can faithfully execute essential grow room practices.

“Cannabis truly changes people’s lives,” says Mantooth. Whether that change involves a professional move into the industry or a move up the corporate ranks for those already in it, no dream is too big for the GRND.