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4 Cannabis Potency Myths Debunked

Aug 17, 2017 12:55PM ● By Advisory Board
Voters in 29 states and the District of Columbia have chosen to legalize marijuana either for medical or adult use. Despite the movement towards widespread legalization, claims of “reefer madness” continue to spread false information about high-potency cannabis, even though it’s just as safe as cannabis with less THC. So we decided to weigh in on some of the top potency myths so you can feel comfortable when you grab some ganja, sit back, relax, and enjoy the high. 

{1} Myth: Higher potency cannabis is more dangerous than strains with lesser amounts of THC.
Fact: Higher potency is not more dangerous, and the higher potency allows for a more elevated lift with a smaller amount of product consumed. In fact, higher potency strains reduce the number of respiratory inhalants necessary to achieve the same high when smoking and therefore are safer than less potent strains.

{2} Myth: Marijuana concentrates and dabbing are unsafe.
Fact: Although concentrates offer a stronger, more immediate lift, they are no less safe than flower or infused products with lesser amounts of THC. In fact, dabbing is one of the most efficient uptake methods, especially for medical patients who are looking for immediate relief from their symptoms. Consuming cannabis concentrates is an effective way to reach an optimum high, although new consumers should always “start low and go slow”: start with a small amount of product and wait awhile after using it before taking more to achieve the desired effects. 

{3} Myth: Edibles are stronger than flower and concentrates, and therefore more dangerous.
Fact: While it is true that the effects of edibles can last longer for the consumer than other methods of cannabis consumption, these products are equally as safe as flower and concentrates. Many infused product brands have introduced microdose edibles that contain smaller doses of THC. Microdoses allow newcomers and people who have lower tolerances to “ease” into edibles safely and slowly.

{4} Myth: Consumers do not know what they are getting regarding potency, and therefore are not in control of their experience.
Fact: While this is true for black market products, in states where marijuana is legal, there are heavy regulations on lab testing and labeling requirements. This helps to ensure a safe and homogenous product and provides consumers with the information they need to determine dosing and desired effects.