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A Daddy’s Advice

Jul 17, 2017 03:15PM ● By Advisory Board
My daughter started college last year. It’s a big time in the family’s life. She’s legally an adult, and if you ask her mom, she’s more of an adult than I am, and I’m okay with this. (Long live Spider Man and The Avengers.) I’ve been very open and candid with my daughter about my life and lessons I’ve learned. In my late teens and early twenties, I was a heavy cannabis user and drinker. I partied hard, and, of all the things I regret doing, none of them were while I was high on pot. So when my only child and little girl began her college adventure, I said something to her that caught her by surprise. I told her I would rather she smoked pot than drank.

I can just hear the mindless anti-cannabis robots now. “What a horrible father!” “You should be ashamed!” Well, I’m not. You see, I love my daughter more than my own life. And while I would hope she would wait till she was 21 and legal before making a decision for herself about cannabis and alcohol use, I’m not so naive to believe that she is going to. I didn’t; most college and even high school kids don’t wait. I would have been remiss in my duties as a father not to talk to my daughter about using cannabis and alcohol and compare the dangers of the two.

She could get high and still retain her faculties enough to avoid being a victim of assault. She can get up the next day and still do her school work and go to work. She’s far less likely to do things that she would later regret while smoking pot than while drinking alcohol. And, most importantly, she can avoid death from alcohol poisoning or from becoming an alcoholic. No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose, but thousands of kids die every year in the United States from alcohol abuse and many of them go on to become alcoholics later in life.

So this Daddy’s advice is this: if you’re not going to wait till your 21, smoke a joint and skip the keg.