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Under the Sun

Jul 14, 2017 08:46AM ● By Advisory Board
Dream no longer. Based in Pueblo, CO, Yeti Farms is taking cannabis cultivation back to its agricultural roots. Building on a background in business finance and farming, founder Shawn Honaker created Yeti Farms to create the best cannabis in Colorado.

Using that same wealth of cultivation knowledge and experience, Honaker has focused on extracting the best budder, shatter, and wax. Yeti is introducing its premier line of concentrates in Denver and southern Colorado, all extracted from Yeti’s Pueblo farm. The company’s high-quality Blonde Sugar private-label extract is already raising the bar on quality and consistency. No pesticides or herbicides ever touch these products.

The cornerstone is its high-quality “Blonde Sugar,” grown and extracted at its own facility, which also creates custom forms of budder and shatter concentrates.

Yeti Farms offers extraction services as well. Utilizing a custom blend of hydrocarbons (propane and butane), Yeti Farms will perform its extraction processes for a flat fee and provide customers with 100% of the final returns for every pound of dried trim you deliver.

Taste and feel the difference that comes with marijuana plants grown in natural soil, powered by the southern Colorado sun, with exclusive Yeti Farms strains: Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Skywalker O.G., Durban Poison, Sour Donkey King, Girl Scout Cookies, Orange Crush, and the ever-mystical Unicorn.

Call 970-319-8404 or visit for more information about the best outdoor-grown cannabis and extraction processes in Colorado.