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Leland Says Debunking Stoner Stereotypes

Apr 12, 2017 10:23PM ● By Leland Rucker
Even though The Big Lebowski is probably my favorite movie, I don’t try to emulate the Dude. But he plays a small part in my least-favorite argument against cannabis use. There have been a lot of those over the years, but the absolute nadir is the concept that marijuana makes you lazy.

I thought about that again while attending the recent Women Grow Leadership Summit and the NCIA’s Seed to Sale show this winter in Denver. I spent four days talking to people who have been using cannabis since their teen years, many of them now in their 20s and 30s, and I had to laugh out loud that one of the arguments against legalization is that it takes away your motivation, your drive, and your will to succeed.

Even in the 1970s, when we bought “pot” instead of “indica,” I noticed that when I smoked it, I was ready to do things. Oh yeah, I did my share of curling up on the couch and reading The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers or R. Crumb comics and rolling on the floor laughing at Cheech and Chong routines. But I soon found that, whether writing, riding my bike, or cleaning the house, I was getting things done when I was high. And at the same time, I’m reading articles that claim marijuana robs people of inspiration and incentive, that suggested those who use marijuana are losers, or, as our current Attorney General might call them, “bad people.” It was obvious early on that if a person wasn’t naturally motivated, cannabis might not be the antidote, but to blame the plant seemed kind of ludicrous.

So enough with the motivation argument. If you still think that cannabis deprives you of your incentive, I’d love for you to accompany me to an industry trade show or event and spend a couple of hours talking with people there and then explain to me how marijuana makes people lazy. The dude abides. –LELAND RUCKER