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The 420 Games Mash Up Cannabis and Sports

Sep 23, 2016 08:54AM ● By Leland Rucker

It seems like every day we find out that another professional athlete is touting the benefits of cannabis. A growing number of ex-NFL and current players admit they use it regularly, and amateur athletes are finding ways to incorporate it into their routines as part of a healthy lifestyle.

One of those in the latter category is Jim McAlpine, a CU grad who is bringing the 420 Games to Denver and Boulder the next two Saturdays. I talked with him recently about athletes and how they use cannabis. “There are two ways it works for people,” he says. “Some use it for focus, others for recovery.”

McAlpine says that he likes to chew a cannabis edible before he does strenuous physical activity like running or swimming. “I call it being ‘activated’ instead of high. I always joke that it’s my supplement,” he says. “I start to get bored swimming or running, and I will take it just before so that it will kick in later, and I’m a happy dude again. Other people don’t like to use it when they exercise, but rather afterwards, much like a beer, to relax and unwind.”

McAlpine recently partnered with former NFL great Ricky Williams to create Power Plant Fitness, the first cannabis-friendly gym in the country. The 420 Games, which he began in California, are expanding to various cities in Colorado, Oregon and Washington this year, including a date Saturday at Berkley Lake Park in Denver and another Oct. 1 at the Boulder Reservoir.

“We want to de-stigmatize the plant and the people who use it,” McAlpine says. “We intend to change the idea of a stoner to one of a cannabis user with a responsible lifestyle.”

To that end, the highlight is a 4.20-mile run that is open to competitive runners as well as anyone else who wants to run or walk the course. The runs begin at 8am and circle Berkley Lake Park in Denver and Boulder Reservoir next Saturday.

McAlpine says it’s a family affair; no smoking or vaping. Both events include live music, a Lagunitas Brewery beer garden, booths and speeches about responsible cannabis use and athletics. The whole thing wraps up at 1 pm. For complete information and to register, go to the 420 Games website at: