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Promotional Feature: Do You Wana?

Sep 09, 2016 12:46PM ● By Christina Odette

Over the last few years, the number of edible companies in Colorado has grown faster than a row of cannabis. New brands are sprouting up all the time, and the marketplace is growing like a week—and not the good kind of weed. Quantity doesn’t always translate to quality, and when quality suffers, so do the consumers who want tasty treats infused with accurately dosed medicine that’s reliable and safe. And tasty. Did we mention it needs to be tasty?

As the saying goes, there’s nothing like the original. And Wana Brands is one of Colorado’s original infused products manufacturers, making tasty delights in the Centennial State since 2010. The current lineup of Wana Brands offerings includes artisan, made-from-scratch edibles, concentrates, and medicinal products—including the most popular sour gummies in the state. That popularity has led to the Wana brand expanding into Oregon and now Nevada.

The reason for the popularity is apparent from just one taste. One of the founding principles at Wana is that consuming an edible should be a treat. With this in mind, the team at Wana Edibles has developed and refined recipes that highlight the flavors of the ingredients, not the medicine. Over at Wana Extracts, they have optimized the concentrate processing to retain as much of the terpenes and flavonoids in the cannabis plant as possible. The result: the hash and vape oil both smell and taste great.

Wana has found a nice niche in the edible marketplace—thanks in large part to its company mission, dedicated to providing both dispensaries and patients alike with professionalism, quality, consistency, and innovation. That consistency is the result of a lot of effort: Wana lab tests every batch of tincture it produces and adjusts the batches based on potency—some extra steps that have been in place since the company’s inception, long before it was the industry norm.

But it’s that last pillar of innovation that led to the latest Wana product category: Wana Medicinals. This branch is responsible for the only extended-release cannabis capsules on the market today, available in three THC-to-CBD ratios. The next generation in the evolution of the medical marijuana marketplace, WanaCapsxr are the result of a partnership between Wana Brands and Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a US-based drug development company with a research and development division in Israel that developed the proprietary technology behind the formulation. Medical research of cannabis has been legal in Israel since 2008, so the joint venture allowed for the capsules to be tested on over 100 patients. The test subjects found the capsules to be effective at reducing pain, eliminating nausea, and improving sleep, appetite, and mood. And the extended-release formula helps ease the stress of patients who worry about re-dosing.

Those findings are certainly in line with Wana Brand’s mission to “Enhance Your Life.”