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Denver Comic Con 2016: Day Three

Jun 20, 2016 10:38PM ● By Randy Robinson
Day Three

What's there to say about the third day of Denver Comic Con? For everyone who kept up with the first two days, the third day often requires a bit of willpower and – in all honesty – ample amounts of caffeine.  

Sometimes the rock-star status guests will speak in the massive convention halls. There's still plenty of smaller panels going on throughout the day. Any cosplay contests have to be wrapped up by this point. If you came to meet the love of your geek-filled life, you can still sign up for a speed-dating sesh whether you're straight or LGBT. 

Those not looking for love possess plenty of reasons to go in on a third day. Because Denver Comic Con has grown considerably over its short four-year tenure, con-goers often travel to Colorado from out-of-state. Day Three may be the last time you get to hang out with any new friends you met during the convention. 

For the cosplayers, Day Three results in two outcomes: either you arrive in the same thing you did on Day Two, or you go balls-to-the-wall and put in every last ounce of heroic effort to go out in one dazzling, fabulous flourish.

So, without further adieu, I give you a flurry of cosplay photos, featuring cosplayers of all shapes, sizes, genders, colors, creeds, and media inspirations. 

Because, no matter how intricate the design, no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears we poured into our embroidery – in the end, we're all just dorks having a blast.

Enjoy. And see you next year.

Brooke Martinez as Jessica Rabbit


Mr. Fox Man


From left to right: Zombies, Aela the Huntress (from Skyrim), Shipwrecked Ariel, and the Dude from Fallout



Bill, from "Gravity Falls"


Negasonic Teenage Warhead, from "Deadpool"


Sole Survivor from Fallout

The Good Doctor





Kaai Santerelli as Captain America - in a cocktail dress








Denver Nerd Alliance's montage of some of the best cosplays at this year's DCC