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Hempcrete Building Workshop

Architects, engineers, home builders, and property owners are discovering a new way to build with a more natural material. Hempcrete replaces drywall, insulation, plywood, house wrap, siding and caulk with a monolithic thermal wall system that is healthier for the installer and the building occupant. Hempcrete is suitable for exterior and interior walls, floors and ceilings. It is effective in maintaining temperature and humidity while filtering environmental toxins and lowering home-owner utility and maintenance costs. Hempcrete is suitable for building home additions, remodel-ing projects, residential and commercial buildings of any size. Hempcrete structures are so versatile a building's appearance can range from modern to rustic with the design features and colors your customer selects. In this workshop you will learn: -Hempcrete recipes, mixing and application. -Make your own hempcrete brick. -History and examples of hempcrete structures. -Complying with local codes. -Fitting into the construction schedule. -Making hempcrete a cost-effective option. -Cost and sourcing materials. -Detailed information about framing, electrical and plumbing for hempcrete structures. -Application methods and scaling up tools for larger projects. -Current opportunities in hemp building sector. Workshop will begin at Ras ka Ethiopian Restaurant 120 W. Laurel St. in Fort Collins on Friday evening at 8PM to discuss some of the foundations of the workshop and eat if you wish (dinner not included in course fee). We will then meet at the project location in town (location will be given Friday night) at 9AM Saturday. We will learn and work together until 4PM, breaking for a hemp lunch at noon. Sunday we will work from 9AM to 4PM as well. Workshop presenter John Patterson has over 30 years ex-perience in the building industry and has been working with hempcrete since 2012. Hemp Solutions and Tiny Hemp Homes are teaming up with the RRAD (Resilient Response Ability Division) of the National Center for Craftsmanship to teach and facilitate this workshop and build with hempcrete worldwide. Cost is $299 for the weekend. scholarships available. 100% Tax deductible payments are an option for an additional 10% ($30). contact Andrew at 609-203-3688 or John at 970-231-0933 with questions...Payment possible as a tax deduction through NCC

Date & Time

March 11, 2016


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$299 for three days

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