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Veteran Farmers Alliance

The Veteran Farmers Alliance would like to invite all veterans that can provide a DD214, VA ID, or an Army Retired ID to this amazing event. This type of event brings the community, breeders, and organizations together for a purpose. That purpose is to show our appreciation for what you have done for us, by doing this we are able to educate our veterans on all the organizations assisting them. This event is for spouses as well. We know you have sacrificed so much to help your veteran so we would like to extend our thanks by giving back to you. It works like this, not every organization can help every veteran, by coming together, the veteran can choose which organization best fits his/her needs. If you don't use cannabis it's ok. Come see the other really amazing organizations that can still help you. For veterans that use cannabis for PTSD or for a disability where cannabis benefits you, this event is tailored to you. There is no membership fees for this event. This event is free for veterans. This is open to the public. The Veteran Farmers Alliance Official sponsor is Nectar For The Gods. NFTG's will be providing free cases of nutrients to veterans that grow at this event. Seed Companies: Bone Yard Seeds Covert Genetics Big Seed Co. Foxtracts (RUNCBD) Gonzo Seeds Pistil Positive Creations Pollen Nation Elite Genetics Prison City Genetics TGA Genetics The breeder or a representative from each company will have a display where you can check out all their wonderful genetics. They will be raffling off packs of their genetics throughout the day. Here is a list of organizations and sponsors for the event. Organizations: VETERANS FOR NATURAL RIGHTS STRONG ALLIANCE (Spouses) 1620 UNOFFICAL Sponsors: BONEYARD SEEDS CB1 ANALYTICS COVERT GENETICS BIG SEED CO. DRY SIFT CO. FOXTRACTS GONZO SEEDS PISTIL POSITIVE CREATIONS PRISON CITY GENETICS POLLEN NATION ELITE GENETICS TGA GENETICS THE GROW WAREHOUSE

Date & Time

February 6, 2016

10:00AM - 11:00AM

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