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THU, JAN 28 AT 8:30 AM The Cannabis Concentrate Production Technology Course & Expo
By THC Safety, Inc.

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This Cannabis Concentrate Production (CCP) Technology course is designed for those interested in establishing, designing or operating a cannabis extraction facility. The course is created and presented by Jim Lieberman with guest expert speakers Jason Lupoi, John Mackey and guest speaker from Emotek. Jim is a chemist and certified industrial hygienest and president of THC-Safety, a company focused on assisting firms by providing effective design and compliance support for CCP operations. Jason is an expert in infrared spectrophotometry, while John is an expert in supercritical extractions. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of specific CCP facility requirements, the various types of commercial extraction equipment and techniques and the chemistry behind the extraction process. Extraction hazards will be addressed and hazard-mitigation techniques will be discussed in detail. Attendees will receive a certification satisfying most state training requirements as well as a reference manual for the course.

Topics covered in the seminar:

- Applicable laws, regulations, standards & codes

- CCP facility building requirements and considerations

- Safety hazards associated with extraction

- Chemistry of extraction processes

- Specific Processes & Equipment: Supercritical Carbon dioxide, Closed-loop Butane, Soxhlet extraction systems

- Post-Extraction processing: Degassing, decarboxylation & winterization

- Infused product dosing

- Hazardous waste management

- Engineering systems and controls

- Hands on exercises: Equipment walk-throughs and Exam

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