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Missouri Medical Cannabis Conference

presented by the Project 4-22 Foundation

Are you aware that every single day at least 22 veterans succumb to suicide? With diagnoses ranging from post-traumatic stress to traumatic brain injury, they face limited and inadequate treatment that includes addictive opiates. The Project 4-22 Foundation is a veteran advocacy group seeking safer treatment options while raising awareness of the staggering death rates reported by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

In November 2018, Missouri voters will be faced with a historical, 3 option medical cannabis ballot. It is important that veterans, and the community supporting them, are educated regarding the medical benefits of cannabis, prior to voting. Consequently, we are hosting the Inaugural Missouri Medical Cannabis Conference: October 27th and 28th 2018 in St. Charles, MO. The event features physicians and industry leaders from all over the country including: Dr. Sue Sisley, Dr. Jeff Hergenrather, Casara Andre DVM, cVMA, Irvin Rosenfeld, demonstrations by High Society Supper Club, patient testimonials, and MORE.