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Cannavation Washington DC

Local Entrepreneurs Unite to Grow the Grass Industry

Every entrepreneur needs business advice, and the cannabis community is no exception. When it comes to this field, useful information is hard to come by. Cannavation is a business meet-up, educational opportunity, and networking event that brings together professionals in the cannabis industry. We do things differently at Cannavation; we are inclusive, not exclusive. Charging hundreds of dollars for a conference that mostly provides facts about licensing has been done. Our events will host expert speakers covering various topics within medical, recreational, and other related cannabis industries. Cannavation’s primary goal is to help facilitate the growth of this emerging and socially beneficial market. Hopeful entrepreneurs looking to expand their current knowledge will find that the Cannavation community is the perfect resource. Our events will give them the opportunity to network with their peers, learn the ins and outs of the business, and have fun!