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IHRF; January Speakers Series

featuring CSU-Pueblo's Institute of Cannabis Research

Join hemp farmers, processors, land owners and realtors, seed growers, lab testers, sales and marketing professionals, and hemp business owners as we learn more the future of hemp research at CSU-Pueblo. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Buy tickets now as space is limited. Guest Speakers include: Brian Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D.- Professor Vanden Heuvel serves as the Chair of the Biology Department at Colorado State University-Pueblo. His research focuses on plant biology, both field and molecular: the use of molecular methods to address ecological and evolutionary questions, including taxonomy, diversity, and phylogenetic relationships among angiosperms, environmental microbiology, the evolution of the actinorhizal symbiosis, Frankia biodiversity, and distribution. Brian has served as CSU-Pueblo's University Represenative to the IHRF since Spring of 2016. Jeff Smith, Ph.D.- The broader aim of Jeff's research group is to understand the cellular-molecular mechanisms that underlie nervous system function in health and neurodegenerative disease, and to elucidate pathways for pharmacologically based therapies for disease. He is particularly interested in Alzheimer’s disease, copper biology, and stroke. His work is funded by the National Institutes of Health Academic Research Enhancement Award throught the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Jeff recently finished a research project which incorpoated CBD into his field of study and will provide preliminary results at this event. Neb Jaksic, Ph.D., P.E. Neb oversees the industrial engineering graduate program at CSU-Pueblo. His presentation will describe the state-of-the-art published research and practice in using hemp-reinforced 3D-printing filaments. Then, we will address our existing and proposed instruments and devices. Finally, he will present research goals and broader engineering/manufacturing goals, including our current progress.