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Munch & Learn: HR Compliance and Employee Benefits for the Cannabis Industry

Presented by Billy Post & Sara Conway

When keeping up with the inundation of regulations in the Cannabis Industry, it’s difficult to follow all of the labor laws associated with running a business. This presentation will offer solutions for owners and managers as well as information on how to position your company as one that offers competitive employee benefits without breaking the bank. Billy Post with The Alliance Group will cover the importance and benefits of outsourcing HR functions, Federal Compliance, Risk Management and streamlined benefits administration. Sara Conway with Griffon Point Benefits will cover 2017 ACA updates, Common Ownership and ACA, how Colorado rules differ from other cannabis legal states, and how alternate funding can be a benefit to your bottom line. Feltz Wealthplan will also be covered with information on how to maximize pre-tax investment dollars and there will be an overview of different plan options that can be implemented. Munch & Learn events are free educational / networking events for cannabis industry professionals, connoisseurs, and any interested parties, hosted by 5700 Consulting. We are currently looking for sponsors! Promote your business & showcase your products. Message us for more information. This event is FREE, but we need your registration to save you a spot! Please register below! A badge is NOT required for this event. Lunch is available for purchase for $13 per person in advance, $15 on the day of the event. Definitely not required, but we think the food is delicious! Please contact us for more details. Located at Acero – 1446 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210