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Cannabis News

Last Updated: May 18, 2016 10:33AM • Subscribe via RSSATOM

Updates from the world of cannabis

A Message From the Illustrious Dr. Bob: Metabolism, Cancer, and MMJ

Cannabis does a lot more than control appetite and nausea.

For the First Time, All Presidential Candidates Support Cannabis

All of the leading candidates seem okay with marijuana, on some level.

No Science Behind Cannabis DUI Says Experts

Colorado juries are fighting back by ignoring the law—which is 100% legal.

New Law Would Allow Students to Access Medical Marijuana

A new bill would protect Colorado's schools and their students that require medical cannabis.

A Taboo Topic: Pregnancy and Cannabis

The sensitive subject was broached during a recent informative evening at Green Labs Denver.

Touring Terrapin Care Station

Illuminating the commercial-production side of the cannabis industry.

How Attitudes are Changing About Athletes and Cannabis

The NFL and many colleges are re-examining the way they view cannabis use and treat athletes who are caught using marijuana.

Ask Leland: What's Up With CBD Oil?

In our first Ask Leland column, our resident cannabis expert Leland Rucker tackles the question: What’s up with CBD oil?

New Year’s Resolutions For Marijuana Users

From coming out of the cannabis closet to making sure you know where your weed comes from, here are some ways to make your 2016 happy, healthy, and green.

Cannabis App MassRoots Nearing 1M Users

The social networking app is enjoying what The Guardian is calling "the natural high of success."