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Cannabis News

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Updates from the world of cannabis

FDA Says MJ Doesn't Cause Cancer, Psychosis, or Brain Damage

The genie is out of the bottle. It's never going back in after this.

Former US Surgeon General Endorses Cannabis – Again

During Bill Clinton's presidency, Dr. Joycelyn Elders oversaw the nation's health.

Utah's Gov. Candidate Pushes for MMJ after Wife's Bust

The medical cannabis movement just got a new ally in a very high place.

High Rollers: Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

Do you really need an excuse to smoke cannabis while eating sushi? Well, here's one.

Cannabis Burial Shroud Unearthed from Ancient Grave

2500 years ago, someone was ceremonially buried with cannabis. A lot of cannabis.

Nobel Prize for THC's Cancer-Killing Mechanism

Discoveries in autophagy recently won the world's top prize in Medicine & Physiology.

U.S. Veterans Stiffed Again on Cannabis

A small group of senators and representatives decided not to allow VA doctors to even talk about marijuana with their patients.

A Call to Action Against Denver Cannabis Closing Times

Owner asks if it’s fair that “our dispensaries are forced to close before most people get home from work.”

The 420 Games Mash Up Cannabis and Sports

“There are two ways it works for people. Some use it for focus, others for recovery.”

Beat 'em to the Punch: Colorado's Certified Hemp

It's been almost three years since we went legal, and we're still making history.