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Cannabis News

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Updates from the world of cannabis

Despite Hurdles, Maine Finally Legalizes

Jan 03, 2017 ● By Randy Robinson

The opposition put up a fight, but Gov. LePage signed Question 2 despite veto threats.

The Difference Between Massachusetts and Colorado

Dec 29, 2016 ● By Leland Rucker

This is what happens when you leave it to the state legislature to fulfill the wishes of the people.

Ordinance 300 Wins in Denver

Nov 12, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

It's officially time to break out the Cheetos.

Colorado’s Cannabis Wins 2016

Nov 09, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

Coloradans made their voices heard last night: We're still ground zero for the Great Experiment.

Some Good Election News: Cannabis Hits It Out of the Park

Nov 09, 2016 ● By Leland Rucker

Americans continue to show strong support for marijuana use by adults and patients.

Marijuana Election Coverage LIVE

Nov 07, 2016 ● By Alex Martinez

Watch up to the minute results coverage, hourly polls. Covering all 9 states voting on reform initiatives. Comprehensive speaker line up of both pro and anti views.

Just Say No to "60 Minutes"

Oct 31, 2016 ● By Leland Rucker

The aging news program’s decline continues with a ridiculous segment on legalization in Colorado.

FDA Says MJ Doesn't Cause Cancer, Psychosis, or Brain Damage

Oct 22, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

The genie is out of the bottle. It's never going back in after this.

Former US Surgeon General Endorses Cannabis – Again

Oct 22, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

During Bill Clinton's presidency, Dr. Joycelyn Elders oversaw the nation's health.

Utah's Gov. Candidate Pushes for MMJ after Wife's Bust

Oct 21, 2016 ● By Randy Robinson

The medical cannabis movement just got a new ally in a very high place.